omnibus omnia

Barkings, no. 2

In God, Religion, Thoughts on June 19, 2007 at 08:57
  • In the end, say the Scriptures, God will be all in all. What then is heaven? The presence of God. What then is hell? The presence of God. The difference lies within; for, as Epictetus tells us, prison is wherever we chose not to be.

  1. N__,

    In Hell, as C.S. Lewis says in the Great Divorce, is the absence of God:)


  2. Honestly, pare, I’m not sure I agree with Lewis. Although the Scriptures point to the total exile of hell, they also declare the Divine omnipresence in unambiguous terms (e.g., that Christ “filleth all in all”); and reason tells us that nothing can exist without the presence of God’s energeia, or in Thomist-Avicennan terms, his esse.

    Unless we would read out the verses as mere hyperbole, perhaps we should see hell not as the absence of God but, rather, as the absence of love; for it is one thing to have God’s presence making us live, and it is another to have his friendship: “If you do My commandments You will remain in My love.”

    Sorry, napahaba. God bless, man, and thanks for the comment.

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