omnibus omnia


In Faith, God, Life, Personal, Poetry, Spirituality, Thoughts on August 24, 2007 at 10:43

I am not a poet, whatever my delusions to the contrary, albeit I often comfort myself with the thought that I at least “have the heart of a poet, if not the voice” (Dickinson, I think, issuing what we call, in our country, consuelo de bobo, ‘idiot’s consolation’).  However, like ‘most everyone else I’ve written verses on everything from romantic love to despondency (though no one else, I think, has written a dirge, as I have, on a bout of, to be very indirect, “uncomfortably unschedulable enterological functions”–I can almost hear you saying ugh!).

Heavens, I do talk; but, anyway, I’m posting here another poem I wrote during one of my oh-so-routine fits of devastating depression.  I called it, very grandly, gehenna:

                     the stars are dark on crimson sky
                     the moon is black the sun is red
                     the valleys wilt the rivers dry
                     my body walks my soul is dead
                     my soul is dead i cannot feel
                     the dewy touch of early spring
                     not midday heat nor falling snow
                     nor autumn cold i cannot sing
                     of loss or joy or share a smile
                     all love or hate is gone from me
                     i call the void i dwell in i
                     for what have i forsaken thee

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