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A blogger’s lament (from

In Blogging, Humor, Poetry, Thoughts, Work, Writing on September 13, 2008 at 23:01

So much has happened in the world since our last post–the rise of a female Obama, a halted (?) war in the Caucasus, a papal visit to apostate France–; but alas! I’m too busy to blog.

Therefore, to fully express the sentiment of this keyboard-tied slave to capital tyranny, I post herein (with permission) a  poem from the group webblog It’s called “Ode to Nothingness/ A Blogger’s Lamentation”.

Sorry, she has nothing to display…
sorry she has Nothing to say
(she prefers it That way)

Rhymes and whines illimitably
on incomprehensible inarticulate incapacity
(to blog)

Regretting fearing, (inconsequentially) the stupendous
monumental monstrosity, horrendous
yours (forever!).

As a classicist who, despite his greatest exertions, can only do meter and rhyme (and who, besides, has no sense of humor whatsoever), I do wish I could versify thus… Anyway, c’est tout, mes amis, till time permits otherwise, and God bless us all.

  1. Where have you been, good man? We need more updates from thee, no?

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