omnibus omnia

New look! Same verbose pomposity!

In Blogging, Humor, Writing on February 22, 2009 at 00:35

Hello, true believers!  Check out the new look of our humble blog Scriptorium, from the excellent DePo Masthead theme by Derek Powazek and Noel Jackson.

Its fair countenance, we hope, will make our long-winded posts seem more bearable. For we care for our massive readership–thank you both–, and we have taken to heart the undying words of the philosophus marvelus Stan Lee, that potestas magna officium magnum habet (with great power comes great responsibility).  Therefore in his name we bid ye, excelsior!

*By the way, just to avoid misunderstandings, philosophus marvelus is not real Latin, though it sure as heck should be; and also, the “thank you both” joke comes from an act by Kevin Pollack.  But really, thank you both.

For more awkward borrowings from popular culture, tune in next time to Scriptoriuuuuuum!


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