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Bishops, AKP denounce Con-Ass, call for protests

In Catholicism, Christian Democracy, Church, Constitution, Democracy, Government, Law, News, People Power, Philippine politics, Philippines, Politics on June 5, 2009 at 20:05

“The  people should air their voice, said Bishop Broderick Pabillo, “before it’s too late”…

According to CBCP News (here), the bishops of the one true Church are calling on the Filipino people to launch protests against the attempt by the House of Representatives to foist constitutional amendments on the country through constituent assembly. We note that these amendments are perceived to be largely self-serving in character, aimed at removing term limits that were enacted after the Marcos dictatorship to prevent prolonged  concentration of political power.  Hence the  people should air their voice against the proposed amendments, said Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo, “before it’s too late.”

For its part, the ANG Kapatiran Party has issued a categorical denunciation (here) of the House of Representatives’ action, calling it an “onslaught against the Filipino people” and a “rape and pillage” of the 1987 Constitution, which it noted had been ratified by an overwhelming majority of the electorate.  Through a statement penned by reformist leader JC Delos Reyes, the party  (which we had described here as advocating authentic Christian Democracy) reiterated the need to prepare for a new government founded on “principle- and platform-based politics where morality must come before political expediency, platform and principles must come before the popular person.”


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