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We support: Conservative Colloquium

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The weblog Conservative Colloquium defends objective morality and authentic Christianity…

Maintained by Tony Listi (a.k.a. foospro86), the Conservative Colloquium contains posts that defend objective morality and explain the bases of authentic Christianity, sometimes by reproducing excellent essays by writers like C.S. Lewis.

For example, persons who recognize objective (or natural) morals will find value in the following posts, like “Flawed Premises of the Homosexual Agenda”1 and “The Decline of a Nation”2, which reproduced an excellent article by Kerby Anderson. Likewise, those who also adhere to authentic Christianity will be edified by posts like “The Visible Hierarchical Apostolic Church in the Bible3. Indeed, any person of good will who desires readings relevant to modern debate may benefit from reading posts on the Colloquium, if only as a key to understanding alternative positions.

Our only cavil is that some posts seem to espouse economic neoliberalism and political neoconservatism, which we think are inconsistent with the logical consequences of Christianity and natural law, such as the need to enact appropriate measures of social justice. An example is the pro-capitalist post “What causes poverty? is the Wrong Question”4. However, we recognize that this reservation is not fundamental, since most disagreements on social and political structures inhere only in the accidents but not in the substance of Faith. Whether we follow Adenauer or De Maistre, Belloc or Novak, we remain one Body.

Therefore, we would like express our support for and solidarity with the author(s) of the weblog Conservative Colloquium, and we pray for their continued success by the grace of God.

My God bless us all.


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