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New Blog; Old Blog

In Blogging, Work, Writing on December 22, 2009 at 17:48

To any such readers as have persisted with us, hear ye, hear ye! We are reviving our long-unused weblog epikeia (, our first epikeia post being “528,000 miles: A reaction to ‘Avatar’“.

Why the move?

As an accidental visitor to our humble Scriptorium might notice, the posts herein are generally formal (or perhaps, pompous) and long (or perhaps, long-winded) essays on religion, politics, and everything in between–the last genus including a lament for art, a defense of anime and a Thomist satire of the horrific decline of the series “24”.

Due to matters of schedule, however, we have proven unequal to the task of writing essays as frequently as we ought.  (And they do tend to be  long; I mean, just look at how long this “we’re moving” post is becoming.  Q.E.D.)  Though we suppose having two jobs (in one of which we work as an analyst, and in both of which we write long screeds) and having a very long bookreading backlog we intend to evaporate would indeed tax one’s time.

Hence, epikeia will have shorter, less pompous (we hope) and more digestible posts of twitterish length rather than Scriptorium’s catatonia-inducing monstrosities, using words with fewer syllables, sentences with fewer clauses, and no curial “WE’s” (a custom you get from formalese).  We shall still post longer stuff on Scriptorium, perhaps monthly, but we hope to post much more frequently on epikeia.

‘Don’t know if anyone cares, of course–think Hopkins’ “Nondum“–; but hope springs eternal*.

Deus vobiscum.

*And the Augustans (requiescant in pace, per Dominum nostrum oramus) will always be bores.  Oh, to be Augustan!

  1. The skeptic that I am asks whether brevity was ever one of your virtues. But since it’s Christmas, I shall say, it was not pompous…
    just verbose, and often sesquipedalian. 😀

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