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The Resurrection and the modern world

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With groans too deep for words, all creation declares that the world is being made newRead the rest of this entry »


The Meaning of Christian Mortification

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Our devotion begins not in some distant mission country but where we are right now, in our families and communities, amidst persons who bear the image and likeness of God Himself (read more…) Read the rest of this entry »

North Korea and Starcraft (with notes on Chesterton and Pius XI)

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Take a look at this Onion-style spoof news article, “Starcraft Tournament Players found to be North Korean agents“, on Writer’s Block. Left me somewhat LOL, though I admit it takes a homo superior–that is, a nerd–to truly appreciate it:) Read the rest of this entry »

Why we should baptize with beer instead of water

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A Catholic DISSENT from the Pope’s prohibition of beer baptism: on exegetical, historical-critical, theological, pastoral, missiological, ecclesiological, epidemiological, semio-linguistic, scientific, phenomenological, anthropological, gender-egalitarian, epistemological, and faith-based grounds. Read the rest of this entry »