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The posts are listed according to the following general headings: Ethics and belief; Philippine issues; Other essays; Poems; and Potpourri. Titles in boldface indicate posts that the blogger considers to be of substantial import (in which opinions we are subject to correction, if needed). Regrettably, the language of all the posts, including this page, is enthusiastically pompous.


  1. Letter to a Pro-Choice Activist (2007 June 03), being an explanation of the pro-life position on abortion from a philosophical and scientific perspective, reposted in 2 parts as Why we are not “pro-choice” (part 1 of 2) (2008 January 13) and Why we are not pro-choice (part 2 of 2) (2008 January 28)
  2. History as Christian Vocation (2007 August 11), on why history is a vital calling, and on the method of Christian historiography, the first portion of which was reprinted as Why Christians should study history (2008 June 09)
  3. The Crisis of Modern Theology (a historical overview) (2007 August 13), being a short history of the travails of Christian theology since the “Enlightenment”
  4. The lost years of Jesus: where did He go? (2007 September 05), which briefly summarizes the rival theories and their arguments on the so-called lost years of Christ
  5. Approaches to the Problem of Evil (2007 September 12), being a criticism of a Neochristian apologist’s callous approach to the problem of evil
  6. Why does doctrine matter? part 1 of 2 (2007 September 29), being a defence of doctrinal inquiry on the basis of the actual complexity of reality
  7. Why does doctrine matter? part 2 of 2, (2007 October 08), being a defence of doctrinal inquiry on the basis of its relevance to human life and destiny
  8. When the Crescent conquered Byzantium (a fragment) (2007 October 18), a summary of East Roman history from Nicopolis to the Fall of Constantinople
  9. Saint Charles Borromeo, bishop and confessor (2007 November 06), on his significance for the one true Church
  10. Of Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy: Which is the true Church? (2007 November 17), being a comparison of their positions in light of history and theology, revised and reposted as The true Church: Catholicism or Orthodoxy? (updated) (2008 February 23)
  11. On the Papal encyclical “Saved by hope” (revised) 2007 November 30, being a summary and short stylistic comment on the latest encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI
  12. Big is beautiful, or, Why divorce is bad for the environment (2007 December 12), on the findings that two-person households are more resource-efficient than single-person ones
  13. Tony Blair: The Problem Convert? (2007 December 27), on the controversy surrounding the former UK Prime Minister’s reception into the one true Church
  14. Kapatiran Party: Draft statement on reproductive “rights” legislation (2008 January 20)
  15. To L.C., on Luther and Protestantism ()
  16. What Catholics believe about grace (2008 March 09), explaining the teachings of the one true Church on grace and salvation
  17. A martyred bishop of a martyred church
  18. He is truly risen! On the meaning of Easter (2008 ), re-posted as The Resurrection and modern disbelief
  19. UK psychiatrists say abortion harmful to women’s health (2008 April 30)
  20. A note on genetic discrimination (2008 May 27), on the passage of a bill in the US Federal Congress against genetic discrimination, and why it’s both good and ultimately futile
  21. A prayer for vocations (2008 June 13)
  22. Vocations are reviving among Christians! (2008 June 15), on the increase in priestly and religious vocations in many areas of the authentic Church
  23. Roe versus “Roe v. Wade” (2008 June 22),
  24. Thoughts on Art (by a Christian art lover) (2008 July 06)
  25. Catholic newspapers embattled in Malaysia (2008 August 14)
  26. Of Malaysian Christians; and the nature of persecution (revised) (2008 August 18), being a reconsideration of the merits of state policies on religion
  27. China arrests bishop as Olympics close (from CWN) (2008 August 27)
  28. Capitalism is not the answer (2008 September 01), being an explanation from a natural perspective of why capitalism is not the ideal economic system
  29. Abortion and St. Augustine (from the blogosphere) (2008 September 01), on US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s invocation of St. Augustine to defend abortion
  30. The (sort of) semiotics of milestones (2008 December 19), later reposted as the more readable–
  31. Why milestones are milestones (2009 January 06), being an inquiry on the reasons why certain dates and events are considered more important than others.
  32. Pope Benedict XVI: Remember Lenten fast (2009 February 11)
  33. Reminders for Lent: Prayer (2009 February 22)
  34. Reminders for Lent: Mortification (2009 February 23)
  35. Reminders for Lent: Fasting and Abstinence (2009 February 24)
  36. In criticism of Earth Hour
  37. Fasting and abstinence on Good Friday
  38. We remember Constantinople
  39. Politics: a path of holiness
  40. The historical context of Papal authority


  1. Presidential Impeachment and Philippine politics (2007 September 16), on the sociological reasons why Presidential impeachment will not succeed in the Philippines
  2. Deceive and conquer: why Arroyo will stay in power (part 1) (2007 October 22), on the sociological reasons for the failure of efforts to oust the Arroyo autocracy
  3. Of intellectuals and Philippine politics (2007 November 06), on why Philippine intellectuals qua intellectuals are ignored in Philippine politics
  4. The Batasan bombing: a shocking defiance (2007 November 14), on the ramifications of the bombing of a House of Congress
  5. Breaking News: Another coup d’etat? (2007 November 29), on the attempt of Senator Trillanes to launch a People Power effort to oust the Arroyo autocracy
  6. To solve crisis, GMA must resign, says Kapatiran Party (2007 November 29), a reproduction of Ang Kapatiran’s call for the resignation of the President and Vice-President, which a short introduction to their group
  7. Why the Anti-Subversion Law should NOT be revived (2007 December 16), answering the reported plan to revive the old statute against subversive parties such as the Communist Party
  8. Kapatiran Party: Draft statement on reproductive “rights” legislation (2008 January 20)
  9. People Power 1986—News from the Heroic Age (2008 February 17)
  10. Sustaining people power (from Writer’s Block) (2008 )
  11. Is Impeachment Better than People Power? (2008 March 03), being a defense of people power, citing the impossibility of a viable impeachment process in Philippine society, reposted with minor modifications as In defense of People Power (2009 February 25)
  12. Why I miss old-fashioned corruption
  13. Pope prays for storm victims in Philippines (2008 June 23)
  14. Greater Malaysia (by Manuel L. Quezon III) (2008 August 15)
  15. Ang Kapatiran Party: No to Charter Change under GMA (2008 August 18)
  16. MOA-AD a path to peace, says Archbishop Quevedo (2008 August 20)
  17. Remembering Ninoy Aquino (Part 1) (2008 August 21), relating the rise to prominence of Ninoy
  18. Truthfest tonight in Manila. Let’s all join! (2008 August 22)
  19. Remembering Ninoy Aquino (Part 2) (2008 August 23), relating the death of Ninoy and discussing his role in Philippine history
  20. Kapatiran calls presscon vs. charter change (2008 December 09)
  21. Defend Justice Puno, says Kapatiran Party (2009 January 17), reproducing the statement of ANG Kapatiran Party calling for fairness and equity against the biased campaign against Chief Justice Puno
  22. The Supreme Court and Philippine politics (2009 January 18), an explanation of the Court’s critical role in contemporary politics, in relation to the campaign against Chief Justice Puno
  23. Philippine baselines bill passes Bicam (2009 February 09)
  24. Bishops, AKP denounce Con-Ass, call for protests


  1. De nomine (2007 May 28), an explanation for ‘marcus apollo’ as the URL and ‘Scriptorium’ as the title of the weblog, on the basis of the novel Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter Miller
  2. The Feast of the Magi, Philippine-style (2007 July 28), on the strange but beautiful way the Feast of the Magi is celebrated in a Philippine province
  3. The First Miracle, part 1 of 3 (2007 August 20), being an account of the almost-fatal aneurysm of a close relative
  4. What’s Latin for ‘blog’? (2007 September 22), re-posted as What’s Latin for ‘blog’? a re-proposal (2008 February 17) which proposes possible Latin words for ‘blog’ as a noun/substantive and ‘blogging’ as a verb
  5. “Anime Encourages Murder”, a conservative response (2007 October 02), a critique of the Blogs4Brownback article that quite misunderstood Japanese anime
  6. Why Jack Bauer Must Die (an essay imitating Aquinas) (2008 January 20), a Scholastic quaestio earlier published in 3 posts. Part 1 (2007 September 22) discusses whether we should discuss the future role of “Jack Bauer” in the series 24; Part 2 (2007 September 22) shows why, in light of Season 6, the character “Jack Bauer” should be removed from series 24; and Part 3 (2007 September 23), explains why the character “Jack Bauer” should be killed off.
  7. Rethinking Pinochet (and Franco)
  8. Pacquiao beats Diaz! (and why GMA should be grateful) (2008 June 29)
  9. Social unrest hits Chinese city (from Asianews) (2008 December 04)


  1. gehenna (2007 August 24), a poem of despair
  2. The lotus weeps (a poem for the monks of Burma) (2007 October 23), a lament for the Buddhist monks who were persecuted after protesting against the Myanmar regime
  3. Anamnesis: a poem of despair (2008 January 28)
  4. A blogger’s lament (from (2008 September 13)



    Filipinos from different faiths, social, economic and social status in life will launch a nationwide anti-Charter change tomorrow (Wednesday), Dec. 10 at the St. Peter Church, in Novaliches, Quezon City.
    The signature form states: “Concerned solely with public interest and the common good, we the undersigned Filipinos affix our signatures in protest against any attempt to amend the Constitution of the Philippines anytime before the 2010 elections.
    The accomplished forms may be sent to P.O. Box #225 Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City 1135. Or, You may contact #09173302240 for Globe and 09212576055 for Smart. For more information, please contact Eric Manalang, 09175359702 or visit or email

    Get your preferred Email name!
    Now you can and

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